Warning - Don't Invest Your Finances Or Anything Into Aroland Its Nation Or People!

Aroland The Drug & Welfare State Of Canada With A Catholic Teacher Whore!

A Community That Thrives On Welfare & Handouts - Don't Do Business With This Piece Of Shit Community Or Fucking Savages! 

Where Police & Addicted Drunk & Drugged Up Band & Council Members Collude To Protect Themselves

Waabishkaawewe's - An Aroland First Nation Beneficiary

Fucking Savage Independent Indian From Aroland First Nation

"Fuck the Aroland First Nation low ass self serving band members chief and council who live for fucking free on the fucking white-mans dime. That's my fucking opinion about my fucking band members, chief and fucking council at the moment but it never always been like the cheap ass shithole it is now with  the cheap ass fucking leaders and fucking wannabe community drug dealer methed out wanna be gangsters and losers who throw rocks at cars and spray fucking paint signs and destroy property. Tell you what  a lot full of fucking losers and welfare whores who live on your white-man pennies who do shit - i guess my definition of progress is different from their cheap ass definition."

My Letters To Everyone Involved  IN This Bullshit With Aroland & EJM -  Click Here

Waabishkaa Wewe

EJ Magiskan 

Want My Thoughts Here You Fucking Savages Go - Click Here

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Sue Me Aroland

Sue Me Aroland By Waabishkaawewe " EJ Magiskan" on April 24, 2018

Find All My Requested & Public Information For My Aroland People Moving Forward  

Waabishkaawewe's Anthem In This And All Matters

2Pac & Red Hot Chili Peppers (Ft. Jay-Z, Eminem, 50 Cent) - Snow

Waabishkaawewe's Notice To You

This Aroland First Nation 242 Beneficiary Waabishkaawee Is Aware  That Aroland's Chief and Council  And Its Band Members Are Discussing,  Saying  And Have Been  Fabricating False, Misleading And Slanderous Information And Defaming  My Already Fucked Up Charter I Built  By Sending Openly And Privately Slanderous Information Through Online Forums,  Business Emails and By Social Media In the Last Two years. 

AND Through All  My Personal And Businesx Experiences with My Corrupt  Council Its Police Its lawyerx In Aroland First Nations, and its People And Because Of These Violations And The Clear Breach Of Fiducary Duties By My council through Various Actions In The Last Two years And Police Abusing My Charter Of Rights And Indigenous  Liberties A Lawsuit Will Begin To Uncover The Bullshit And Have Our Council, Band Members And Chief Held Responsible Just as they Suggust i should Be For My Actions.

If You really Believe This is About A Logo Think Again. Its About Corruption, Drugs, Addicts And a Council Who slander Just As Much!

Free Is Not enough For Aroland Natives Even when They Try To Slander You Check It Out 


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Talking bout the shit that I bought'