Let's Sue EJM For Free On The Tax Payers Dime

As usually our fucked up self centered band members, chief and council has been sitting off in hidden corners and colluding with lawyers in hoow to save their images and souls and think about themselves. Well the lazy ass chief and council take a few day's off on the death of my father and what his generation has built and what this chief and couil is selfishly denying it citizens what do they fucking do, can you believe it  they get my community lawyer to send a letter a day before I lay my dad to rest.

Fuck I was mad at how weak and fucking stupid these band members, this chief and council was and the fucking tenacity to send me such a fucking email. I am up for the challegne, shit i built my home my business my life and my future without a dime from the fucking cheif or council in aroland.. I have a whore for a wife who believes the bitch still should be married, lost both mothers and even my dad a few days ago. Shit have even a criminal record longer than fucking time star that doesn't stop my ability achieve fucking anything. You think a letter  fucking brought brought me down , you think a request so outragous that a band members and a council lead by chief Hitler herself a dictoror who sits behind closed doors having a husband making decisions for her and me would allow me even to be upset emotionally over fucking cowards. Buy the website it forsale for 50000 i am not the fucking government? Your   council owns a fucking website already what the fuck build it develop it fuck whats your problems its not free fuck man! its just iit made me Mad yes angry yes and your fucking right I will rise to this fucking to a dictator bitch who would rather fuck around in thunder bay tending to her image when she hasn't achieved shit for me. You think a council with limited fucking education who drink who abuse their fucking call abuse their power by fucking calling cops will fucking hamper my fucking abilities, if you think that your fucking wrong. You fucking think as a free riding indian your immune to this fucking shit started by you? because your not you stupi assholes and whores your not immune to what you say do or write because you are Aroland First Nation and what it represents and tha rethink again you fucking idiots. 

so what if you think i am fucking  slander my community , band members and my loser fucking hitler chief, thats what they do, people gossiping people fucking whispering like fucking dumbies people calls me crazy at meetings your council forward emails talk fucking shit on social media it doesn't hamper me .my economic devlopment sends fucked up emails ,people drinking at public meetins and election meetings promoting violence how fucki stupid are these fucking indians? Have boot legger indian neigbour on one side a childwelfare whore on the otber don't believe well come to aroland i show show you be your guide than you see how people book your tour with Eric for the truth , people saying shit calling losers fighting like dogs talking  shit on the computer sharing personal information meant for the council like it was a gossip magazine what the fuck man they even fuck privacy laws, hiring people what tbe fuck,   i can do that better and promote shit than any indian savages who live poor  have no fucking jobs your stuck on the methadone  but you want to talk about your images being hurt or slander , that right there gives me every opportunity to fucking stand up to voiceless fucking leaders and every right to for the for the lack of opportunity and maybe so I tell the truth but unfortunately that's me and theirs nothing you can fucking do about. My band members are addicts upon addicts my  Chief and their family are addicts, my council member our alcoholic, my leaders are selfish, my council is closed minded that their they think that a white man should deal with even their own personal Issues. Sure I love controveray  I fucking love it I am not ashmahed to say our band  manager sucks shit and acts out self intrest and should be fired or, our econmic development workers are drug addicts, my council favourtizes their familys, religion doesn't mean shit, fuck people are so occypied with drugs alcoholics abuse and corrupt practices its fucking not hard to fucking say nothing. it just to bad that's fucking true.

I always stand up to what I believe in and always fucking will i din't give a shit about lawyers, i don't give a fuck about your fucking opionion so go ahead Aroland and sue me but make sure you judge yourselves first because my experinece and the lack of leadership and ability my council has shown I am expected to rise to this occassion and not kiss your ass in any manner. police and lawyers but i still have a platform regardless. If you think your chief and council are that wrong and that manuliative and abuse their powers be prepared take action don't sweat it but make sure your ability to not be shutdown by such low velocity brainwaves that infest our nations office or on my lands..

aroland is my home and my land aroland is my nation and territory Aroland will always be my soverignity to do as I wish to protect the future from corrupt mother fuckers like arolands loser band members, chief and council just as my dad did while buildiing the nation i call my home. go ahead sue me I am willing to put Aroland as a Nation and its peoples values on trail in the white system that failed every indian. What will you fucking  do but be free loders living of whitemans miney and welfare cheques.

By the way I am offering a reward for any fucked up things our chief and council does. you have a sex tape i will buy it, you have confidential documents I will buy it you have you have confidential emails and messages I will by it it all and if it leads to the arrest trial and conviction of criminal ass band employees and fucking corrupt chief and council members abusing you and your right over and over I will buy it and I will pay you even more. I even pay you more if it involves drugs and our chief and councils family in any aspect email me at info@ahki.ca I attached my "legal documents" that were  submitted from my loser chief and  council and their "demands" but they they can go fuck themselves. they weren't even  man to talk to me but rather use fucking cops lawyers aroland will be in th lime lite for its image  to harass me the fucking idiots what it is. a self serving flow through community.

I really do hope you band members asses and all your  shit is clean shit don't smell and your ass don't smell a white fucking white judge in the end ill tell if your ass don't smell through my hundred times through court personally or maybe  i guess like they want mine to be or i could be wrong maybe they want me to be afucking losers like join they cheap ass manulative circle of friends no fucking thanks . Thanks Aroland we're moving forward to where we want to get with a shitless useless council and a fucking dictator chief that runs the ship like Hilter did killing every opportunity but his own. EJ Magiskan sets precedents always and moves things forward even through bullshit like this kind of shit our nation has now , be prepared for real fucking change in Aroland thats what were gonna achieve with your fucking erics hurt my feeling we been doing nothing for 15 years and hes talking bad  loser mak me cry lawsuit lets blame ej for our problems make him pay for the truth, no problem do it i want you  fuck i heard babies cry louder in court tham arolands people they fucking babiesall you fucking band members and council loser shitheads. And now that your pill jar has moved on to the next spirit world everyone everywhere from aroland in the game is fair game i have no family to worry about that will be hurt criminally.

 Am i preaching yet can i hear a 'Hail Chief  Dorthy Towedo Hitler And Her Regime' i

So if your a drug dealer i sue you if your a welfare loser i sue you if your a fucking council member with drug addicttions and family who do and sell drugs or are dealers i sue you if your from aroland and you talked shit on social media i sue you if your fucking dumb indian who whores around i sue you, if your methed out pill out i sue you why becasue you represent Aroland where i  live and your sueing me so i have no choice to counter sue your sorry asses and what i will use as a statement of defense because that's what you are. i may be a loser, fuck that no one likes but i fucking strive even when my band and council fucking don't let me grieve I will fucking still move forward without a fucking dollar from the band office you cock sucker why because i like progress in my life plain and simple. Want to defame and think your immune from being sued fucking dumdy , i don't fucking think your community lawyers advised you that i can sue you  each for the stupid ass shit you did and continue to even what you fucking wrote and for even for what you said but  but who gives a shit you opened your big mouth and opened the door to being privileged and fucking with me with your stupid ass actions and words. buti am glad to fucking tell the world in front of the whiteman and on public record how many fucking losers Aroland First Nation residents there really fucking are pay backs a bitch courtesy of your leadership'

"For every action there is reaction"

Ask your loser council for more details.

Now sue me for my fucking opionion - lets get ready to rumble and tumble in a big pile of pigshit again for another two years or more- gives me an extra job and hobby this legal bullshit and when i represent myself i learn and progress thats my win, personal education and development - when you do it  yourself it may hold up court but oh well i am indain without leaders! 

Ltr to Eric Magiskan (pdf)